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Repair Filler for Formwork

The brochure introduces our complete Wood Repair programme and gives specific information on the following: 
-   Knot Filler
-   Tools
-   Wood Repair Sets/Kits
-   E800 Paste Filler
-   Wood Filler 
-   Powder Filler

Brochure (PDF) here
                  This brochure introduces our small and handy Wood Repair Kit that is perfect for smaller woodworking companies and DIY'ers. The brochure includes the following:

-   Information on Knot Filler
-   Instructions
-   Information on BCD180 Knot Filler gun
-   Important technical remarks


Brochure (PDF) here
                  The brochure introduces our Repair Filler for formwork repairs. The brochure includes the following: 

-   Information on Repair Filler
-   Suitable colours for formwork repairs
-   Advantages of Repair Filler
-   Instructions
-   Important technical remarks
-   Safety measures
-   Tools

Brochure (PDF) here